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Gregory Consulting Limited is committed to protecting our clients; our Quality Assurance Program is designed to ensure that we:

  • Provide quality service
  • Practice according to current standards and guidelines
  • Strive to continually upgrade skills, knowledge and judgement
  • Adhere to standards and specifications at all times
  • Honour all commitments made to our customers
  • Act promptly on all issues that contribute to ongoing quality improvement

The quality and reliability of our products and services matter to every member of the Gregory Consulting team, and are part of everybody's job.

We believe that excellence in quality arises from an awareness by all our staff of the importance of the way they do their jobs. We educate and train our employees in all aspects of software quality. When problems (bugs, missing requirements, errors of all kinds) are caught early in the development cycle, development projects cost less and produce higher quality software. Gregory Consulting accomplishes our quality objectives because we have established and implemented (and we continue to maintain) a documented effective quality assurance system. Process Assurance is an integral piece of the Gregory Process Pattern. This system includes written requirements, design reviews, code reviews, separate staging servers for acceptance testing, development and live hosting, version control, and written change requests. Project plans incorporate major milestones; high risk items and their related contingency plans are done early in the project. This way the customer will not be surprised by missed deadlines or delays in a project. We consistently deliver high quality service by planning our actions and then following the plan.

All projects start with a full set of verifiable requirements approved by the customer. This way the customer knows what is to be delivered before the majority of work is done and is able to check that requirements are met. The prime quality assurance objective is to provide service that meets client expectations and achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction and value for money.