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Brian is a founding partner of Gregory Consulting. He started programming in the early 70's while still in high school, using bubble cards (the school couldn't afford the punched-card equipment) to code Fortran programs. Since 1978 he has worked in the computer industry. In 1980 he bought a SYM-1 computer with 1K of RAM, 4K of ROM, a hex keypad and a 6 digit LED display. Brian added wire wrap boards to support extra peripherals, and by the time IBM released the first PC, his SYMI-1 had a 64x16 character screen, a full ASCII keyboard, 40K of RAM, (what a luxury!) a printer, an IEEE-488 bus connection with software for talking to a Commodore PET, and two processors (a 6809 added to the original 6502.) At this point he switched to the more powerful 16 bit IBM PC.

In 1985 after 7 years of mainframe networking work he moved to PC software development. Since then he has taken on tasks ranging from writing drivers in assembler to designing and programming full applications, start to finish. He has worked with a variety of hardware, operating systems, and software, and learns his way around new systems very quickly.

Brian uses Visual Basic.NET, C#, C++, and assembler to create applications and components for Windows and other operating systems. He is the lead programmer on almost all our projects, providing architectural and DBA roles as well as his coding and debugging strengths. He was the technical editor for the Que book ActiveX Programming with Visual C++ 5.

Brian is also Gregory Consulting's system administrator, and administers its Windows network.