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Welcome! These pages are all about Gregory Consulting Limited. We solve our customer's business and technical problems using Microsoft technologies. As world experts in .NET development, SharePoint development, and C++, we help developers by mentoring, training, and supporting the development process. We help non-developer firms by writing software for them or helping them manage their projects. We program in Visual Basic.NET, C#, Visual C++ (native and C++/CLI, with special interest in C++11, or C++0x as it was known before the standard was finalized and approved),  ASP.NET, and for SharePoint. We provide architectural vision and inspiration, write, edit, coach speakers and presenters, manage projects, and provide business and management advice.

Some recent announcements of interest

What we do

We are, first and foremost, consultants. That means we help our clients solve their business problems. Often, our contribution is in the form of programming, project management technical writing, or training. Other times it's a feasibility study to help map out a path the client can follow. We also provide mentoring to small developer teams to help them adopt new technologies. These days people ask us for advice about Web Services, XML, .NET, and related technologies. We're following the latest developments for our clients and breaking new ground in this exciting wave of technology development.

Our history and people

Gregory Consulting was founded in 1986 as a software development and consulting firm. We've been on the Internet since 1989; one of our founding partners, Kate Gregory, is a reknowned speaker and writer, and our chief mentor with over 30 years of software development experience. Our other founding partner, Brian Gregory, also has over three decades of software development experience and handles our programming contracts, system administration and much of our general consulting. Joyce MacDonald is our Quality Officer and project manager.

Some clients

We developed LCMS, a hybrid Windows-web application for Loyalist Certification Services. We are doing a wide variety of programming and scripting work for Exploration Link and their clients. For four Conservation Authorities in Southern Ontario, we have developed a SharePoint-based document tracking and workflow system that saved over 50% of the project cost compared to the original design. Current and past mentoring clients include CTV and QLine Solutions. Current and past training clients include IBM and Microsoft. Want to see more?

Where we are

Our office is in rural Ontario, Canada.  We get into Toronto when we need to -- and Toronto has an airport that can get us anywhere.